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The Cinema Advertising Council is a national non-profit trade association founded in 2003 and serving cinema advertising sellers, the theatrical exhibition community and the advertising community, acting as a central source of information for the industry. More than $10.2 billion has been spent on- and off-screen since the CAC began tracking revenue in 2002. In addition to representing cinema advertising companies that account for 39,007 U.S. cinema screens, or approximately 90 percent of U.S. cinema screens and Box Office admissions, the CAC’s membership is also comprised of companies that provide services and products to the cinema advertising industry. 

Our Board of Directors

john partilla.jpg

John Partilla
Level I Director
CAC President



Scott Felenstein
Level I Director

President - 
Sales, Marketing & Partnerships
National CineMedia (NCM)

Clint Wisialowski
Affiliate Director

VP - Sales
Marcus Theatres

Michael Sakin
Level II Director

Spotlight Cinema Networks


The Cinema Advertising Council (CAC) operates to promote and represent the common business interests of members of the in-cinema marketing and advertising industry. Consistent with this purpose, the specific goals of the CAC are: 

The Mission of the Cinema Advertising Council

 • To promote and enhance the value of in-theatre marketing, advertising and promotion in the United States; 

• To assist in the establishment and promulgation of recommended standard industry quality and ethical business practices through the issuance and maintenance of a recommended "Code of Industry Practices"; 

• To assist in the development of credible data related to in-theatre advertising and attendance demographics; 

• To advance the CAC's goals, directives and the business of in-theatre advertising for any purposes and through any means proper and lawful; and 

• To coordinate activities generally beneficial to the industry, including the determination and communication of standard industry statistics and data.


Video Platform for Attention

Cinema receives double the audience attention of traditional TV and CTV, and up to 4-6x higher than digital and social.



Viewability via Unskippable Advertising




Engagement vs. TV



Recall vs. TV

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