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Benefits of Membership

If your company is a cinema advertising vendor or service provider to the industry, membership in the Cinema Advertising Council (CAC) provides access to discussions shaping the industry including alternative (revenue-generating) uses of the movie screens, on-screen delivery systems, and proactively generating a positive perception towards cinema advertising by the media and movie patrons alike. 

A U.S. trade organization, the CAC consists of companies that want to grow the industry, and their own share of the business which has shown consistent double-digit growth for three consecutive years!  

CAC Members:

  • Share in discussions and activities shaping the industry

  • Participate on key committees including marketing, research, technology, and public relations

  • Attend member events

  • Receive the CAC's quarterly newsletter, access to proprietary research, and industry news updates

  • List your company on the CAC website-linking visitors to your site, in the CAC Technical and Membership directories

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