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Cinema Advertising Overview

Why Cinema?

America loves the movies. It is compelling and engaging entertainment topping the list of adult leisure activities* and creating the number one weekend network across the U.S.**

Cinema: The ultimate video platform

Size matters. Combine wall-to-wall screens, surround-sound, and a darkened theatre auditorium to deliver the ultimate immersive environment that no other advertising medium can match. According to a recent Digital Cinema Media and Millward Brown study, Cinema has 20 times the media return on investment for efficiency, per person, compared with TV.***

Cinema: An uncluttered media environment with no ad blocking

Cinema has the lowest ad avoidance of all media. The cluttered environment of TV and the proliferation of pop-up ads on mobile platforms have millions of people around the globe installing adblockers to just make it go away. Movies remain a pristine environment where moviegoers are receptive to the ads as part of the overall experience. With no DVR, no skipping through ads and a clutter-free environment, cinema ads boasts recall that is higher than that of TV****. In fact, 72% of moviegoers who recall an ad in cinema had not seen the ad on TV. Of those who had seen both TV and cinema ads, 32% prefer the ad in cinema.

Cinema: Ignites the Social Conversation

Millennials, people 18-24, are at the movies and talk about the movies on social media. They are tech-savvy and connected to each other and to the world. Movies often drive of the social media conversation that helps set trends in fashion, food, electronics, transportation, travel, and more.

Cinema: A Premium Marketing Opportunity

Cinema Advertising contributes to the overall cinema experience. Since the CAC’s founding in 2003, the industry has tracked healthy growth. This trend continues as cinema advertising delivers advertiser a premium marketing opportunity in a unique environment with an attentive audience, multiple consumer touch points, and new technologies – including digital capabilities delivering flexible and entertaining content both within and beyond the walls of the theatre.

Cinema: A Unique Audience

Cinema reaches a young, hard-to-reach audience that other media cannot capture.

The cinema audience is unique in that it is attentive, engaged, and comprised of highly desirable young, affluent, and well educated consumers who aren’t distracted by mobile devices, remote-controls, electronic media, or simply performing household activities away from broadcast media during commercial breaks.

*MRI 2015

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